Sony has launched a new website to promote Blu-ray content in Europe.

The MMG Venue - MMG stands for Music, Movies and Games - gives you preview access to the latest Blu-ray Disc releases.

There are two areas of the site - the "Musuem of Low Resolution" gives you a history of how the Blu-ray format was begun.

Perhaps for fans only - it's heavy, slow and dark. A bit ponderous too - the intro starts with a slide about whether the earth was flat or square.

Perhaps not ideal for light-hearted Friday afternoon casual browsing, unlike the MMG area...

This features videos showing the latest Blu-ray releases include videos of music from Bruce Springsteen, Destiny's Child, John Legend plus others.

The films side of things let you view clips of Spider Man 3 and Casino Royale.

Gamers will probably just want to skip straight to previews of Motorstorm, Lairmaster and Uncharted though.

Link below...