In our latest reader poll - where you get to tell us what you think about a certain subject - we asked you if the recently launched PS3 value "Starter Pack" would tempt you to buy the console.

The results have been fairly evenly split with 56% of you not breaking out the plastic in joy and 44% of you seeing the deal as a good way to make the expensive PS3 plunge.

The PS3 bundle deal was launched after the price of the console in America was reduced by $100, to $499.

The price remains the same here in Blighty - at that £425 mark for the 60GB machine - but now you get two games and two Sixaxis controllers included, extras that Sony says are worth £115.

This means that the price of the PS3 in Europe is now around £125 more expensive than in America.

Recently, when quizzed about the high UK price tag for the console, in response to the interviewer asking if he thought it's "an awful lot of money to shell out?" SCEE president David Reeves said:

"It is, but surprisingly, people are paying that amount of money for it".