Sony has no plans for further cuts to the price of the Sony PlayStation 3 games console.

Ryoji Chubachi, the company's president, told Reuters earlier today:

"We've announced the price cut in the US and have no additional plans beyond that at this time."

Sony recently lowered the price of the 60GB console in the States by $100, bringing it down to a more affordable, if not exactly bargain-basement, $499.

This news was slightly eclipsed soon after by rumours that the 60GB version would be phased out though, leaving American gamers with no choice then to shell out $599 - for the 80GB model.

UK gamers, fully expecting a price cut to mirror the States-side one, were disappointed by the news that instead of a price reduction, we would see a "Starter Pack" instead.

However, bargain hunters can take heart that considering Sony's recent form, this may "no" might be more like a maybe...

After all, the recent US price cut came just days after
Chubachi told Reuters in an interview that the company had no immediate plans to lower the PS3 price.

Using the same logic, that could mean we're


in for some cut-price PS3 action.