In what has to be the least shocking news of the day, Sony in America has seen PS3 sales increase by more than 135% over the last 2 weeks following a price drop.

The news will come as a relief to Sony execs, whom dropped the price of the next generation console by $100 on 9 July in the US.

"The new price on the 60 GB PS3, coupled with our very strong software showing from E3, is certainly paying dividends in terms of impressive sales across the board at retail", said Jack Tretton, SCEA president and CEO.

In the two weeks following the price drop, total PlayStation hardware sales have increased by 161 per cent, software sales by 15%, and peripheral sales by 60%.

Sony angered gamers in the UK earlier this month with the news that it wouldn't be getting the same price cut. Instead UK gamers got the offer of a bumper package including a second controller and launch games.

"Sony execs must be smarting not to get the price cut following these figures", an industy insider told us. "Maybe Sony UK will now be forced to drop the price after all!"

We will keep you posted.