PSP gaming classic LocoRoco is reported to be making a move to the PS3 later this year.

Announced at a Japanese press conference held by Sony the game is likely to use the Sixaxis controller to allow you to move the your characters around the screen.

The strange puzzle game sees you start with a tiny little blob to traverse the terrain and solve puzzles with.

One of the hits of the PSP, reports online suggest the tentatively titled Buu Buu Cocoreccho! by LocoRoco, a sequel that is "LocoRoco, but it's not ... a peculiar extra chapter".

The announcement, as translated by IGN, goes on to cryptically state that "even if you don't play it [as in control the game], the world and the LocoRoco will play [as in both playing amongst themselves and as in playing back like a video] on their own". Implying it's a bit like Nintendo's Electroplankton on the Nintendo DS.