Thrustmaster is going to be launching the Dual Trigger 3-in-1 gamepad which boasts compatibility with three gaming formats; PS3, PS2 and PC and comes in a new, slick, black design.

The Dual Trigger is an existing product, but it's been given a 3-in-1 makeover as well as some tweaks and improvements.

New-generation mini-sticks have been added which claim to which offer optimum resistance and allow enhanced game play.

Previously you could only program the triggers with the mapping function, this has been extended to all sticks and buttons.

The gamepad's internal memory also enables gamers to save configurations programmed for each of the three platforms it supports even after the gamepad has been disconnected from the system.

Two new axes have also been added, upgrading it from 4 to 6 axes, players can now work both triggers independently.

For the PS3 a special Home button has been included while the Switch button enables users to change from a PC configuration to a PS3 configuration in an instant.

The new Preset button allows gamers to instantly switch from one configuration to another, even during the course of a game.

The Dual Trigger 3-in-1 will be available in late September, priced £14.99, with a Rumble Force version costing £19.99.