In an interview with David Reeves, SCEE president has dropped a bomb shell that will give European gamers some consolation that they aren't the only ones being wrong-footed by Sony's pricing strategies.

According Reeves, the American $100 price cut for the PS3 is nothing but a short-term gimmick.

The now $499 60GB PS3 is going to be discontinued in the States after current stocks run down.

When these models sell out, US gamers will have no choice but to buy the 80GB version, which is $599.

The current 60GB PS3 stock is expected to run out in a matter of weeks, due to increased demand for the console since the price was slashed.

Sony will no doubt argue this is a good deal for US consumers as they will be getting a higher-specced model for the cost of the old model.

But for many it's the price point, not a 20GB difference in hard drive size that matters.