Contradicting what the entire gaming community of Europe is hoping to hear from Sony tomorrow, an Xbox fan site is suggesting that there may not be a PS3 price cut.

The Xboxer site is claiming that instead of lowering the price of the PS3 console, Sony will instead offer better value deals for gamers.

This rumour is to be taken with a massive pinch of the proverbial salt, and if proved true would be deeply unpopular with European gamers who are fully expecting a PS3 price cut on the back of the recent $100 price reduction in the States.

The rival format site claims:

"Sony will announce that it's improving the value proposition of its PS3, by bundle Motorstorm, or Resistance, or possibly even both in a new bundle".

As we've reported, we are expecting the statement from Sony in just a few hours time on the morning of Friday 13th July. It would almost be unthinkable that Sony will


reduce the cost of the console, but Xboxer states:

"We're very, very confident we're right."