At the E3 gaming event in Santa Monica, Sony has announced new games and services for its PlayStation Network, and gave gamers a preview of some forthcoming PlayStation Home features.

There are several new downloadable games designed specifically for PlayStation Network, including a puzzle game called "echochrome" that takes full advantage of the PS3's SIXAXIS wireless controller, and a "funny" action game called "PAIN" as well as the next in the WipeOut racing series, "WipeOut HD".

As previously announced, Sony has confirmed that the option to interface with the service using your mobile phone and PSP will be possible.

Another improvements are the ability to launch games within the PlayStation Home service, so users will not have to come out of it to launch Blu-ray Disc or PlayStation Network games.

Furthermore, a new "Home Square" was unveiled that replaces the PlayStation Home lobby concept, the new "open-air" space should give internal developers more flexibility to build upon the community experience.

And finally four new "Personal Spaces" were shown off - a Beach House, Norwegian Cabin, Manhattan Penthouse and a traditional Japanese House.

PlayStation Home is still on schedule for a global roll out in the Autumn of this year.