Sony reassured gamers at the E3 event that there will be lots of exciting PlayStation 3 games coming this year.

The company have promised over 100 new third-party titles will be released for the PS3 by the end of the fiscal year.

This would bring the total number of first- and third-party games in North America to around 160.

The games will include both establashed titles made available on the new platform as well as brand new games from the likes of Activision, Capcom, Electronic Arts, NAMCO BANDAI, Ubisoft and Eidos.

Exclusive third-party PS3 games (seen as essential to drive adoption of the expensive format) were announced from NCsoft Corporation, Ubisoft, Midway and Konami.

NCsoft a publisher of online games will create several online games exclusively for PlayStation platforms, including PS3 and PSP accessible through the PLAYSTATION Network.

Unreal Tournament 3, described as a "premiere first-person shooter" will be available exclusively on PS3 this fall.

Ubisoft have teamed up to deliver the "mind-altering, technologically superior" game HAZE exclusively for PS3 this "holiday" season.

And set for a simultaneous worldwide launch in early 2008 exclusively on PS3, is "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots".

Sony promise that the new games "will that truly demonstrate the advanced technological capabilities of the system".