The as yet unofficial word is that the PS3 is in good shape to receive some major Audio Visual improvement in the form of firmware updates.

Sony technical officers Izumi Kawanishi and Kanehide spoke of 30-40% more improvements in the AV, saying that they didn’t think it would have a negative effect on fan noise either.

The pair even went so far to suggest the possibility of a PS2 like fan-less PS3.

Speaking to AV Watch Kanehide said, "So far, we are not worried too much since we have plenty of processing power left even at peak usage".

Kawanishi agreed by adding, "Nothing yet comes close to the load that Folding@Home applies. And I can see the possibility of a fan-less PS3 in the future, just like there was for the PS2".

The pair also spoke of the PSP/PS3 partnership, suggesting that many ideas were technically ready to put in place, but all depending on consumer desire.

"The scary thing about the PS3 is that we can continue to add updates as long as there is space on the HDD", said Kawanishi.

"We won't stop though, since adding new functionality is a lot of fun. We really enjoy getting feedback from the customers, and finding things we really hadn't thought of."