Insider reports are suggesting that Sony is currently in development stages for a new controller for the PS3.

But when asked to comment by Sony declined to respond to the news that they are working on a new PlayStation 3 controller with rumble features.

Game developer blog Innerbits seems to have the scoop on the new peripheral:

"Sony will have been working on a new controller with rumble support. We can now confirm that this is the case. We’ve heard from two independent sources at Sony that they have been working on prototypes for several months. Officially, the corporate line is still 'no comment'."

"Unofficially, Sony is facing some difficulties with battery life; i.e., between the rumble and the wireless support, the batteries are draining too fast to be acceptable for consumers."

This news comes after Sony recently signed a new agreement with Immersion Corporation following a drawn out legal argument with the company over patent infringements which should now open the door for this kind of technology to make an appearance on the next-gen console - as long as they can work out the battery draning issues.