Research data from Enterbrain, a games magazine publisher in Japan, has revealed that Sony is getting a beating in the next-gen gaming console competition from Nintendo.

And if that wasn't enough, Nintendo is also kicking Sony's proverbial in the hand-held market too.

In April this year in Japan Nintendo was selling four Wiis for every one PlayStation 3 sold.

In May Sony sold 45,321 units of the PS3, compared with 251,794 units of the Wii which brings the figures up to a more than five to one ratio.

Enterbrain research showed a similar trend with handhelds - Nintendo sold 620,670 DS units, compared to only 123,673 PSPs sold.

In America the stats are just as gloomy for Sony, the Wii has been the best-selling next-gen console since January, selling 360,000 units, while Sony sold 82,000 units of the PS3.

Incidentally Microsoft sold 174,000 Xbox 360s in the same period.

Sony has stated that it aims to ship 11 million PS3s this financial year (before March 2008) which would double what they've shifted so far. They'd better or it looks like it could be game over for the PlayStation 3.