Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has brought the latest Firmware version to the public’s attention with all it has to offer, available as of May 24.

Version 1.80 includes upscaling of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games, and DVD movies up to full 1080p HD resolution when viewed on a compatible HD TV set.

The ability to upscale DVDs to HD quality is something usually only seen with top range DVD players, and its inclusion in the latest firmware upgrade now allows PS3 owners to dramatically enhance their DVD collection, PS and PS2 games when viewed or played through a compatible HD TV set.

Also permitted is Remote Play on PSP across the Internet, which will mean that PS3 owners will always be able to access their next-gen wherever a broadband connection is available.

Version 1.80 will allow seamless view and play of rich media content, such as images, music and video on their PS3, that is stored on their DLNA enabled devices such as PCs and laptops elsewhere in the house.