In a move to try a keep Apple’s iPhone at bay, Sony has announced that a four year deal with British Telecom (BT)will mean that Sony’s handheld will get full wireless broadband access with voice and video calls and messaging.

With 24 million units sold worldwide, Sony hopes that the established base of machines will spell success for the project across 103 territories (minus North America).

The system will be based on BT's ongoing 21CN network upgrade, for high quality video and voice calls over the Internet, and the PSP will be integrated with the BT Broadband video and voice "softphone" products already available.

Extra features will be launched to permit calls and messages to PCs, fixed lines and mobiles in the future.

Steve Andrews, BT chief, Mobility and Convergence said, “The combination of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and BT working together is a natural fit”.

“Sony is a world-class company producing some of the world's most innovative electronic devices and BT is at the forefront of communications with the 21CN global platform. The PSP is an excellent device for both gaming and communications, because of its high quality screen and audio capabilities.”