There trouble brewing as Microsoft Game Studios' Shane Kim has had a pop at Sony’s Home project, claiming that it is unlikely to deliver and falls below Xbox Live.

"I doubt [Sony's] ability to implement it and execute it in a really rich and compelling way", Kim started, just warming up.

"PlayStation Network is not Xbox Live, it's not even close. To think about layering [Home] on top of that – wow. The hardest part is not even creating the system, it regulating the behaviour and all of that too. That's a massive investment in infrastructure", he continued.

Kim then washed his hands of a similar Microsoft project as it would be too intensive and require too much work and risk.

"I don't think we need anything like that. I've spent some time with the Linden Lab guys. To try to build Second Life on Xbox Live, or YouTube, Facebook, any of those big social networking services, it's a lot of work", Kim explained.

"I actually believe that most gamers will always find more value in what we have on Xbox Live and now Games for Windows Live and how we're building that out. That's what I think is a much better approach, and that's what our approach is going to be."