Reuters has reported that Jack Tretton, president and chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment in America has said 2007 will see 15 exclusive titles for the troubled PlayStation3.

The promised PS3 titles, exclusive to the platform, will include "Warhawk", a flight combat simulator (screenshot pictured) and "Lair", an epic dragon-themed adventure game.

This may smack of desperation considering reports earlier in the week of Sony's massive $560 million losses, much of it blamed on the poor performance to date of the next-gen console.

So far the PlayStation 3 has not lived up to it's pre-launch hype and is currently being outsold two to one by Nintendo's Wii.

The PS3's high price has put many gamers off buying the new system, but Sony will be hoping the lure of exciting and exclusive titles, a strategy that worked well for the previous PlayStation consoles, will be enough to convince consumers to fork out.