While remembering his own days of programming for the Commodore 64, Phil Harrison, Sony Worldwide Studios boss, has voiced his backing for homebrew games on their new console.

Simply put Harrison started by saying, "I fully support the notion of game development at home using powerful tools available to anyone".

"We were one of the first companies to recognise this in 1996 with Net Yaroze on PS1. It's a vital, crucial aspect of the future growth of our industry."

He went on to recognise, however, that the idea of homebrew for the PS3 would be difficult because of the nature of the PS3 and the entire business. Sony hasn’t gone without criticism for its business with PSP developers, sometimes scuppering projects with firmware updates trying to prevent piracy.

He continued, "If we can make certain aspects of PS3 open to the independent game development community, we will do our industry a service by providing opportunities for the next generation of creative and technical talent".