Money grabbing opportunists who believed that queuing up to get a PlayStation 3 on Friday only to sell it for vast amounts of profits on eBay are waking up to the reality that the dream isn't going to happen.

Although (at the time of writing) eBay is listing over 3000 items relating to the new console from Sony, most are selling for around the recommended retail price, if not below.

Sellers are offering a plethora of different packages in an attempt to entice gamers to part with their cash ranging from just the machine to free postage and packaging to a number of bundled games in the box.

The scene is very different from December when opportunists seized on stock shortages of the Nintendo Wii which saw prices double overnight immediately after the UK launch.

The low price is partly attributed to the flood of stock still in shops around the UK. Despite previous consoles selling out within hours due to lack of stock to supply the demand, Saturday shoppers were still able to get their hands on the console without problem.

However some commentators believe the low price is down to a lack of interest from gamers due to the high £425 price point.