The long wait is over. Sony's next generation console has finally launched in Europe.

At Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street in London, the rather subdued crowd were given a special treat.

Everyone who bought a PlayStation 3 worth £425 were also given a 46-inch BRAVIA HD television worth over £2500 and a taxi home.

In total, the giveaway amounted to £250,000 worth of televisons to 125 gamers.

At the head of the queue, 17-year-old Ritatsu Thomas, who we interviewed shortly after the queue officially opened, told the BBC that the "giveaway and PS3 had been worth the 36-hour wait".

Stephen Lynn, PR and Promotions Manager, Virgin Megastores said "Last night's Sony PS3 launch at Virgin Megastores flagship store on Oxford Street exceeded all expectations."

While others where treated to a cab ride home, Ritatsu Thomas, 17 from Mitcham who was the first person in the queue was chauffeured home in a Virgin Megastores branded stretch limousine Hummer, accompanied by a Sony technician who installed the system in his home.

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