Crazy or just big fans? That’s right, gamers have already started queuing for their chance to bag a PlayStation 3 at Midnight on 23 March.

So what makes you want to stand in a queue for hours waiting for the next generation console from Sony?

“I’ve never been first in the queue, I went to the Wii launch but got there too late so I thought to myself this time I want to be first”, Ritatsu Thomas, a student from Mitcham, London and the first person in the queue for the UK launch of the Sony PlayStation 3 console.

Sony being Sony, gamers won’t have to brave freezing temperatures in London and instead are being treated to warm, but rough accommodation at Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street lower ground level. Aside from getting them out of the cold, those in the queue will get free refreshments from the in-store Costa Coffee and entertainment until the final hour comes.

Ritatsu, who had been in the queue since 5am on 21 March even though it didn’t open for another 7 hours had pre-ordered from a number of online stores but was keen to be there in person when he heard about the event.

Number 2 in the queue Shanie Chatfield (it’s her lucky number) also a student totted up at just before midday when the queue officially opened.

“I am the world’s biggest Sony fan”, decried the female gamer who owns just about all the Sony kit you can name; Vaio, Aibo, Walkman, Sony Ericsson phone and PSP had brought along her boyfriend for company.

“I was expecting to be camping outside, so this is great”, Shanie told us. “I am really excited about getting a PlayStation 3, I hate the Xbox 360 and its macho I’m better than you mentality.”

So what games are they looking to pick up? The first 150 gamers will be getting Resistance Fall of Man as a gift for being so dedicated. Aside from that both Ritatsu and Shanie are keen on Motorstorm from Sony, while Shanie is also looking to pick up Formula One (yes another Sony title).

When it comes to Blu-ray, the main reason for the 4 month delayed launch and Ritatsu isn’t really that fussed with the next generation movie player.

“I’m just getting it for the games” he told us.

Shanie wants Open Range and Casino Royale among other things to go with her Sony Blu-ray player in her Sony Vaio.

With almost 2 days to kill, being interviewed by members of the press is only going to waste so much time. Ritatsu is well prepared with water, energy health bars and a sleeping bag. Shanie however seemed keen to only pack her PSP with her and her boyfriend who said he was there “for protection”.

As for playing after they get home Shanie is saying she isn’t going to go back to college on Friday choosing instead to play games all day and well into the weekend.

Ritatsu, who has already bought and sold for double the money a Wii following its launch was keen to point out that if the “price on ebay is good, that’s where is will be going”.

In other related news both HMV and GAME on Oxford street have announced they will not be opening at Midnight on the launch night due to security fears.