With the PS3 launch just days away in the UK, Logitech has announced a range of Playstation 3 Accessories for gamers.

The new range will include the Logitech Cordless Precision PS3 controller, Logitech ChillStream PS3 controller, Logitech Cordless MediaBoard PS3 keyboard, a Logitech HDMI cable, and a Logitech USB PS3 Headset.

While the Cordless Precision PS3 controller does what it suggests, the company has launched a PS3 controller with a cooling system to ensure you don't get sweaty palms. On the sides of the controllers are vented to circulate air to the fingers and hands. The ChillStream PS3 controller will be available in two finishes, metallic silver or glossy black. The ChillStream will cost £24.99.

Those hoping to take advantage of the units internet browser will be pleased to see the company is also announcing a keyboard; Logitech Cordless MediaBoard PS3 keyboard, that has a built-in touchpad and vertical scrollbar, so gamers can easily manoeuvre and navigate websites.

As for prices the Cordless Precision PS3 Controller will cost £29.99, the Chillstream PS3 Controller £24.99, the Cordless Mediaboard PS3 Keyboard £49.99 and the HDMI cable £49.99. Expect it to be in the shops in time for the 23 March.