The PS3 pre-order on has not gone quite according to plan, with orders not being taken at a 9am start yesterday as promised.

The site said it would allocate its first shipment of PS3s to pre-order customers, and would start accepting orders in the morning.

However, according to The Register, buyers could not start placing orders until after 1:35 that afternoon.

Pre-order customers have a long wait, as the launch date isn't scheduled until 23 March. said in an email sent to those who signed up to notified of the PS3's arrival, "We will stop taking pre-orders once we've pre-sold all the consoles Sony have allocated us for release day".

This morning at 10:30am, were still accepting pre-orders for the 60GB console for £425.

Sony has said there are no plans to release the cheaper 20GB version in the UK, but that may change.