Sony has come out and has declared that their choice of new-Gen DVD, Blu-ray, is winning the format war, with discs outselling HD-DVD by a ratio of more than 2 to 1.

The company quoted a report by consumer research firm Nielsen VideoScan which claims that Blu-ray is leading the way in sales.

In first week of January, 47.14 HD DVD movie discs were sold in the US for every 100 Blu-ray. The second week that saw that ratio increase further still, with 38.36 HD DVD titles sold per 100 Blu-ray discs.

In a survey of PS3 users, Sony claim that of 100,000 console owners, 90% said they had already watched a Blu-ray film and 80% said they would buy more discs.

It is thought that the struggle of DVD formats will decide the eventual winner of the next-gen console battle, and at the moment it looks as if Blu-ray has the upper hand over Toshiba’s HD DVD.