One Japanese gaming magazine publisher is predicting that relatively poor sales of the PS3 in Japan is going to force Sony to drop the price on the console.

Enterbrain's Hirokazu Hamamura thinks that there could be a price cut on the console by the end of the year because it's so far being outsold by both the Wii and the PS2 in Japan.

Media Create reports that 80,000 Wii consoles were sold in Japan between 22 and 28 of January; 21,000 PS2s were sold, but only 20,000 PS3s were shifted.

Xbox performs the worst in Japan, with only 7000 being sold during the same week.

According to the same company, Nintendo has shifted over 400,000 Wiis during January, while Sony has only sold 150,000 PS3s.

Hamamura said, that he thought PS3s would "[do] better after a while, but of course, the Wii will keep running ahead".