HMV's online store is taking an interesting approach to its PlayStation 3 pre-order system. No its not, not doing it, nor it is going the same route as Amazon and only allowing you to order within a set timed window of opportunity.

It's plan is simple. If you really want one, then you are going to be happy to buy it, and buy a PSP at the same time.

HMV has said that it is offering up to 5000 customers an "incredible" deal when you buy a Sony 4GB PSP.

While gamers are already bulking at the £425 price tag we are sure there will be some who see paying £674.99 a steal.

Better still, HMV will say that it will ship your PSP console and games straight away and the PlayStation 3 as soon as they receive consoles from Sony, however the small print implies that HMV cannot guarantee that registration on the Priority List means that you will receive your PS3 on the estimated release date, nor that your order will be fulfilled within any given time-frame.

Furthermore the company says that if for any reason Sony do not deliver sufficient PS3’s to HMV to meet the number of orders under this Offer within 30 days of the actual published launch date of the PS3, you may cancel the part of your order for the PS3, but not the PSP you've had to buy to classify for the offer.

A Sony spokesperson told industry gaming website, "This is just one of a number of value added incentives that retailers will be offering to mark the launch of PS3.

"Consumers are free to shop around to find a package that best suits their own needs, and offers the greatest value for money."

One of the key features Sony is pushing is the ability to remotely connect to the PlayStation 3 with the PSP via a wireless network to watch video content stored on the console.