Analysts at research firm NPD have released their findings on sales of games consoles in the US, and the numbers show that the Xbox 360 outsold both the Wii and the PS3.

According to a video report on CNBC, around 2 million Xbox 360s were sold between November 2006 and Christmas, while the Wii clocked in at 1.8 million, and the PS3 at a sad 750,000.

NPD previously revealed that that in November, 511,000 Xbox 360s, 476,000 Wiis, and 197,000 PS3s were sold.

Although the Xbox 360 has been around a lot longer than the Wii and the PS3, Microsoft is presumably able to keep production up to demand, whereas the difficulty in customers getting their hands on a Wii and especially a PS3 has been well documented.