Although reports suggested that America was getting some 400,000 Sony PS3 consoles for its launch 10 days ago, PJ McNealy of American Technology Research has broken ranks and said that Sony may have shipped as few as 125,000 PS3 units in North America for the console's launch.

According to a report on research by analyst PJ McNealy of American Technology Research, suggests that for Sony's PS3 launch weekend, the company shipped between 125K and 175K units including 15,000 units that were sent to retail for interactive kiosks.

"After further review, our research indicates that Sony's PS3 opening weekend shipments were below our already lowered expectations, while Nintendo's Wii numbers remained in-line ... [Sony's shipment] number is below our previously lowered expectations of 250k to 300k", McNealy stated.

In contrast, McNealy's research indicates that Nintendo shipped between 425K and 475K to North America for launch.

Sony was unavailable for comment at the time of writing.