Hong Kong-based online retailer Lik-Sang.com has announced that it's had to close its virtual doors to business because of legal action by Sony. It also alleges that a number of top Sony officials in Europe actually obtained their PSP consoles through Lik-Sang when it was released in Japan on 14 December 2004.

Sony received a judgement from the High Court in London last week to stop Lik-Sang from importing PSP consoles into Europe and the US. Lik-Sang reportedly did not have legal representation in the court at the time.

About the Sony executives, Lik-Sang states: “Sony have failed to disclose to the London High Court that not only the world wide gaming community in more than 100 countries relied on Lik-Sang for their gaming needs, but also Sony Europe's very own top directors repeatedly got their Sony PSP hard or software imports in nicely packed Lik-Sang parcels with free Lik-Sang Mugs or Lik-Sang badge Holders...” Lik-Sang names the Managing Director Ray Maguire, UK Marketing Director Alan Duncan, and Creative Director Chris Sorrell as among those who bought PSPs through Lik-Sang.

On its website, Lik-Sang is refusing to accept new orders, and is cancelling and refunding existing orders, while its customer service is tending to unfinished business over repairs and shipping. “The staff of Lik-Sang will make sure that nobody will get hurt in the crossfire of this ordeal.”

Lik-Sang may not have been able to reply to Sony claims in court, but they've certainly done so on the website. In a parting shot to Sony, Pascal Clarysse, former Marketing Manager of Lik-Sang.com stated, “Blame it on Sony. That's the latest dark spot in their shameful track record as gaming industry leader".

“The Empire finally 'won', few dominating retailers from the UK probably will rejoice at the news, but everybody else in the gaming world lost something today.” How dramatic.