Sony has finally unveiled its GPS receiver for the PSP at the Tokyo Games Show, revealing price and compatible games information.

The tiny device measures less than two inches square, and weighs only 16g, so is ultra portable as befits an accessory for a portable device.

The four titles that will support the device’s GPS data in Japan were previewed in Tokyo, but some seem fairly specific to the Japanese market and aren’t likely to be released worldwide.

The first of these is Minna no Golf-jou, which is a spinoff of SCEI’s Hot Shots Golf series. The game lets golfers check all courses in Japan for distances and locations, as well as stores information about the user’s score.

Konami is developing Metal Gear Solid, which will use the receiver to search for available new characters to recruit as soldiers, while the Planetarium Creator Ohira Takayuki Kanshuu: Home Star Portable by Sega is a constellation navigator that tells players what stars are above their heads. Last up is Navigation Stop, which is a satnav programme for Japan’s road.

The GPS Receiver for the PSP will cost ¥6000 (£27) in Japan.


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