Pricing for Sony’s PlayStation 3 games has not yet officially been announced, but indications are that they may be much higher than those for the PS2 and competing next-generation consoles.

Impress Watch, a Japanese website, is reporting that several sources have said that each game may cost between ¥8800 and ¥9800 (£40-£44).

However, these are the estimated prices in Japan; the games in the rest of the world are likely to cost even more. But some US retailers who have posted estimated prices for their games before launch are sticking to around $60 (£31) for their games.

So why the price increase in Japan? It could be because of rising development cost due to the processor’s eight core architecture.

Although the price in Japan may seem especially high in that market, those prices are in line with games for the Xbox and PS2 in the UK, where top games can cost up to £50.