Sports Interactive has announced that Football Manager 2007 is expected to be released on 20 October in the UK and many other territories. A demo version is expected to be released next weekend as a torrent.

The updated version of the game features many new options, including a more user-friendly interface with new skins, clearer icons, and a vidi printer with current news and info. Quicker navigation is provided with customisable bookmarks and keyboard shortcuts. More sections have been multi-core optimised and hyper-threaded to speedup the game.

There's also better feedback from assistant managers and agents, and the option to back up saved games before a new one is saved. Network games have also been easier, and there is the new challenge of starting with a randomly selected team.

Improvements have been made to scouting as well, with a much more realistic outlook of the football world. There is an addition of a star rating system for current and potential players, plus the addition of a scout report.

Football Manager 2007 will appear on PC, Mac, Intel Mac, and the Xbox360, and a handheld version on the PSP.