The PlayStation 3 is being advertised as backwards-compatible with PS2 and PS One, but it appears the device needs a separate adaptor in order to transfer data from the older machines.

Sony’s dedicated PS3 website states: “To use saved data on a PlayStation 2 memory card, you must copy the data onto a virtual memory card within the hard disk. This requires a PS2/PSone memory card adaptor to copy the data to your PlayStation 3".

“A memory card adaptor is designed to edit, up/download games saves to and from EMS flash card or smart media card.”

Sony’s decision not to include a PlayStation memory card slot does seem a bit of a major oversight for a device that is meant to be backward compatible.

A Sony spokesperson told Pocket-lint, “We are in the process of designing and creating an adaptor, but have not confirmed whether this will be bundled with the machine, or available separately”.