Sony Computer Entertainment UK's David Wilson has implied that the UK will be getting both the 20GB and 60GB version of the PlayStation 3, however not necessarily on the day the console launches.

In an interview with this week, Wilson said Sony is currently in "a period of open consultation with retail and consumers to decide on the best way to approach the impending launches of both skus [models]".

When questioned further if this meant that Sony had definitely decided to launch both models in the UK, despite earlier reports that only the 60GB model would appear in this territory, Wilson replied: "No. The likelihood is that both will be made available". "But at launch? I don't know", he added.

The console which is due to be launched on the 17 November in the UK has yet to get a price yet. Industry experts believe however that it is likely to be around £425 for the 60GB model meaning an expensive Christmas for UK gamers hoping to get a slice of the action.