Pocket-lint reported a couple of weeks ago that Play.com has priced the PS3 at £549 and was accepting pre-orders for the console, due out on 17 November.

Now Amazon.co.uk has listed not only the 60GB console, but also the 20GB console that Sony had led gamers to believe would not be available in the UK.

Unlike Play.com, however, Amazon.co.uk hasn't listed a price for either console, so pre-ordering on is a gamble. Perhaps the retailer is waiting to see what price other retailers are charging for the PS3, not to be undersold, or to make sure they wait for its stock allocation before making a confirmed commitment?

Although Play.com has listed a release date of 17 November, it doesn't guarantee orders will be filled by Christmas; Amazon.co.uk lists the 20GB's release date as 26 January 2006.

Maybe they know something we don't about Sony's plans to release a cheaper version in the UK.

UPDATE: It now appears that Amazon.co.uk has removed the listing, although further rumours on the web suggest that Sony will hold back the 20Gb model until after Christmas forcing parents and gamers to buy the 60Gb model if they want the new console before Christmas.