With the Gizmondo now dead and buried, there is a void for gamers who don't to play on the Sony PSP or the Nintendo DS waiting to be filled.

The latest contender is the GP2X, a Linux-based handheld gaming and entertainment console that is to be officially launched in the UK on 18 May 2006.

The GP2X is the successor to the GP32, the world's first open source gaming console that sold 32,000 units worldwide purely through word of mouth and recommendation.

The makers of the GP2X say that it packs a powerful 240MHz dual-core processor, 64MB of RAM and 64MB of on-board NAND flash memory offering up to four times more power than the Nintendo DS.

Alongside game, music and movies playback the device can read e-books and store and view photos. It also incorporates SD memory card support for media and game playback and runs off just two AA batteries - offering up to six hours gameplay on a single battery charge.

The handheld can also connect to the TV allowing gamers to watch their DivX movies or games on the TV.

The console will cost £124.99 when it launches on the 18 May.