Sony will push back the launch of its next generation PlayStation3 console until November according to the Japanese Business newspaper, the Nikkei Keizai.

According to the paper, Sony will announce later today that it is delaying the launch of the console, citing development of the copy protection technology for the Blu-ray Disc has fallen behind schedule.

The console was originally due for release this spring, however it seems the move to include the new high-definition disc drive has meant that the console has been delayed a further 6 months.

Microsoft's Xbox360 console faced similar problems before its launch, but chose to ditch the competing high definition format HD-DVD drives so it could meet its Christmas 2005 deadline.

The news, if true, will come as a severe blow to Sony who was hoping that a Spring launch would mean plenty of time to roll out the console across the globe and to get over any stock issues before Christmas 2006.

If the company keeps to the rumoured November launch date, it will mean that the console is launched a year after Microsoft's Xbox360 and more importantly in Japan, after Nintendo's next generation console - The Revolution hits the shops.

Sony is yet to make an official announcement.

We will keep you posted.