Games industry website,, is claiming that sources has told it that a major announcement concerning the launch of Sony's next generation console, the PlayStation3, is on the cards for the 15 March.

The site claims that “information from a number of independent sources is suggesting that Sony may announce further details of its plans for PlayStation3 next week in Tokyo, with the revised launch schedule for the console being at the top of the agenda”.

The site goes on to say that “speaking to, Sony Europe sources confirmed that a major announcement is planned next week, but would not be drawn on details of what will be discussed - which does mean that it's by no means certain that PS3 will be on the agenda”.

Earlier this month Howard Stringer gave the clearest indication yet that the PS3 games console won't be making it to the shops any time soon.

In an interview with Variety magazine, the magazine has quoted the new chairman-CEO saying:

"If PS3 delivers what everyone thinks it will, the game is up, Stringer boasts.”