Sony has said that it still aims to launch its next-generation PlayStation3 console this spring, but it could be delayed if industry specifications for some of its technology are not finalised soon.

"We're aiming for spring, but we haven't announced specific regions", a spokeswoman for Sony Computer Entertainment told Reuters the news agency, adding that it was waiting for the final specifications on some of the technology it is using in the PS3, such as that related to the Blu-ray drive and to input and output video and sound.

"We're waiting for them until the last possible minute, but the launch could be pushed back if they're not decided soon", the spokeswoman said. If the PS3 is not ready in time, the company will choose the next best timing for the launch, she said.

The launch of the console is highly anticipated by gamers across the globe.

Unlike Microsoft's Xbox360 launch which happened over the course of 6 weeks, Sony is expected to launch the console over a period of 6 months, with some spectulating that America won't get the console until Thanksgiving and that Europe will have to wait until early next year before it gets the chance to play on the console.

If true, the release will be almost 18 months behind the Xbox360 in Europe giving Microsoft a significant head start.

An announcement was tipped for the Taipei Games Show last week, however nothing was forthcoming.

The next big announcement is expected at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, America, in May.

We will keep you posted.