An exercise station that aims to help you work out core muscle groups while you play games has been launched at CES in Las Vegas.

Called the Exer-station, the sit-on device with a pole that is placed between your legs has been designed to help gamers tone muscles at the same time as playing games.

Designed to be used with a PC, PlayStation, Xbox and GameCube the Exer-Station works by translating movement on screen to force applied to a 24 inch tall joystick.

Using a home-grown technology developed by the company called ISOCOR, the technology allows isometric muscle contractions to control computer and video games.

According to the company behind the device, recent research has indicated that the system can increase metabolic rate five times resting levels and can burn 350 calories per hour.

The controller offers 24 levels so you can build on your performance and the top level is equivalent to Olympic weight lifter hard.

An LCD screen on the device shows users total workout time, pounds lifted, calories burned and current effort level.

The device will cost $199.99 and will be available by the end of the month. The company does offer international shipping and according to a spokesman for the company, is available in the UK.

Pocket-lint tried the device and found it to be fairly effective. While the lower levels offered little resistance, our puny strength meant it was virtually impossible to control the on-screen plane in Crimson Skies at the highest setting.

Anything that can make you exercise without actually realising it has got to get the thumbs-up, however like those ab curlers, expect this to be in the cupboard by the end of February.