As predicted last week following the announcement of Sony's latest firmware update, version 2.6 for its handheld console, the company will be launching a steaming television service for its Japanese customers directly to the console.

In the notes for the update the company said it would be allowing copyright-protected video data provided by a content provider or other services to be downloaded directly to a Memory Stick Duo.

Through the use of Wi-Fi support within the PSP, users can now purchase and download video content from Sony's Portable TV network and store them onto their Memory Sticks.

Users will be able to download TV shows, music videos, trailers, and other video programming from Sony's website at a cost of $1-$3 dollars each.

The content will be usable for 1-2 weeks and then the videos can no longer be viewed.

According to, the initial video lineup includes popular anime shows like Mobile Suit Gundam, and Noein, and Private Princess: Ayase Haruka.

Sony has yet to confirm whether or not the service will be coming to the UK.