Sony has announced that like Microsoft's new Xbox360 console, its next generation console, the PlayStation3, will have an option to parentally control which games are played on the device.

Based on ESRB rating in the US and no doubt ELSPA ratings in the UK, it is expected that the system will allow concerned parents the chance to lock games based on its rating such as 3+, 12+, 16+ or 18 in the UK and M for Mature, T for Teen, and R ratings in America.

The console manufacturer is concerned that a combination of older gamers and the level of detail capable to the new device will mean that blood and gore will be more frequent in gaming titles and look every more realistic and scare younger gamers.

Microsoft has included a parental control system in its new console, and Nintendo has announced that its forthcoming Revolution will also allow gamers to control what content is available to whom.

The current PlayStation2 includes parental controls for movies, but not for games.

The PlayStation3 is due to be launched next year, 6 months after the Xbox360.