Sony is celebrating 10 years of PlayStation in the UK today and to celebrate the fact have sent us 10 factoids. Happy Birthday PlayStation.

1. The first PlayStation shipped in the UK on the 29th September 1995.

2. Since its launch, there have been 91 million PSone units shipped worldwide (8million in the UK).

3. On 24th November 2000, the PlayStation 2 was launched in the UK and Europe, and as of June 2005 has sold 102million units worldwide (8million in the UK).

4. The most successful game in PlayStation's history was GTA San Andreas, with over 6.7 million units produced in Europe.

5. If you placed all the discs (excluding cases) manufactured for PlayStation and PS2 side by side you could almost circumnavigate the earth around the equator....twice!!

6. 1 in 10 consumers in the UK are female gamers in 2005 (average age is 25 years for women, 22 years for men)

7. PlayStation2 has over 76% of the UK games console market in 2005

8. The PlayStation Portable (PSP), launched in the UK on 1st September 2005, which sold over 185,000 units in the first weekend. There are currently over 80 games, 80 UMD movie titles and downloadable music files available, and Sony is on track to ship 1million PSP units in the UK by Xmas.

9. When it launched Ken Kutaragi, Chief Executive, Sony Computer Entertainment said: "By the time it came to the actual launch I was in a state of high anticipation, not anxious at all. I knew that the machine was the best it could be, the best games console yet built. Now I would finally get to see what the world would make of the PlayStation. It was a great day."

10. There are over 3000 gaming titles available for the 2 consoles.