Sony is to recall 3.5million faulty power adaptors which were sold with its slimline PlayStation 2 between August and December last year.

The company has warned that the adaptor could overheat causing damage or injury.

The separate adaptor meant that the console could be the size of a hardback novel, however the company has had 40 complaints in America about them.

Sony said it would replace returned adaptors for free. Two-thirds of the affected consoles were sold in Europe.

In a statement Sony has said:

“Certain AC Adaptors, identified as manufactured between August 2004 and December 2004, and supplied with the black slimline PlayStation 2 models SCPH70002, 70003 and 70004 may overheat and cause an injury hazard to consumers. It is likely that some of these units may have been on sale after this date. No other PlayStation 2 units are affected.”

Consumers who identify their AC Adaptor as faulty should arrange for a replacement by visiting

. Sony said people should not return their faulty adaptors to the place they bought it.

Sony is even recommending as a precautionary measure, and until a replacement is provided, that consumers owning one of the AC Adaptors affected by this Notice to unplug the PlayStation 2 from the mains power supply and discontinue use until a replacement AC Adaptor is provided.