In a recent survey carried out on Pocket-lint, we asked “If you had to buy a handheld games console which one would it be?”

The results have finally come in. A whopping 44 per cent of people questioned said that if they had to, they would opt for a Sony PSP over any other console available on the market.

In second place, came the Game Boy Advance with 33 per cent of the vote even though the handheld console has recently been superseded by Nintendo's newer handheld, the Nintendo DS. Nintendo's dual touch screen console only managed to limp in third, with 17 per cent of the vote.

It was bad news though for Nokia and Gizmondo. According to those who answered the survey, only five per cent said they would buy Nokia's N-Gage and only one per cent said they would buy the Gizmondo.

1000 people completed the survey carried out on the site in March.