America today is spending the day playing. Playing on their new PSP's following the launch of the handheld console at midnight openings across America.

The entertainment device is already piped to storm into the lead over the Nintendo DS in the US as the battle for the handheld console reaches fever pitch.

However although originally slated for simultaneous UK and US there was no sign of the PSP on UK shores. Details are still sketchy on when the UK will eventually get its batch of the handheld console, although most sources now believe it won't be until June at the earliest.

Sony has big hopes for the PSP hoping it will become the Walkman of the 21st Century and a force strong enough to challenge the iPods 10 million sold units. Sony's plan is to focusing on movies and entertainment as well as games.

The company has also said it expected to ship three million PSPs worldwide by the end of its fiscal year ending 31 March.

Those who just can't wait to till June should either head to the states or start surfing eBay. In the US the PSP will retail for around $250 (£132).