First it was Amazon, now its Reuters that is saying that Sony is to delay the UK launch of its handheld console. According to the news agency Sony will delay the launch until the summer to ensure it can supply enough units for its US launch.

A spokesman talking to Reuters said; "It's been deferred. We were originally hoping for an end of fiscal year (March 31) launch, but now that's not going to be the case, It is likely to be a matter of a few months rather than a few weeks -- it's a matter of allocation." "When it launches in the U.S., they will have 1 million units at launch and continuity of supply thereafter," he added.

The PSP is hotly tipped to take over from the iPod as the must have gadget this year and Sony is trying everything it can to make sure it can meet demand in each country it launches in regardless of whether or not that means launching at the same time as the competition. Launched in Japan last December Sony has already shipped 1.2 million units.

Amazon as published the sony launch date as the 24 June however does state that this is subject to change.