Sony has admitted that promo copies of Viewtiful Joe 2 will wipe out any saved games you have stored on your memory cards in your PlayStation 2 at the time you put the disc in.

The glitch disc, was sent to over 1 million PlayStation 2 owners. A Sony spokesman said the company sent out e-mails and postcards warning of the error, which wipes out memory cartridge data when players launch a preview of "Viewtiful Joe 2," from Japanese publisher Capcom. Sony has also posted alerts online.

“We recognize this is a serious issue," said Sony spokesman Patrick

A Capcom spokeswoman said the actual game, set to hit stores Tuesday, would not contain the error.

Our advice is to make sure you haven't got a memory card in the machine if you plan to have a play of the game and certainly make sure that its not GTA San Andreas in there otherwise its back to owning a bicycle and starting again.