“MURDER BY PLAYSTATION” screamed the front page headlines on the front of the Daily Mail on Thursday July 29th.

A little further in from the front page today the newspaper sheepishly reported the slightly more intelligent observation from the police that the motive for the murder of Stefan Pakeerah by Warren LeBlanc was robbery, and that the game was found at the victim's home and not the offender's when the game was respectively borrowed and lent.

We wonder what the Daily Mail's response will be now their idiotic headlines have actually increased sales of this rubbish game at HMV where it remains on sale. It had already sold out online at Amazon.co.uk and Play.com at the time of other retail chains withdrawing it partially or fully. Their stance in the wake of increased sales will be similarly interesting to watch. Let's hope Rockstar just gets on with the next GTA game and then we'll have a controversial title worthy of defending.