Trackmania may have been a pleasant enough game harking back to Racing Destruction set on the C64- race the tracks as included then build your own and share. What would have been just a handy, family-friendly game became a slow-burning sleeper hit for Nadeo Interactive and Digital Jesters, as nobody reckoned with the dedication of petrolheads worldwide and the commitment of the track-building community. It did well enough to receive a mission pack with the subtitle Power Up, although this add-on hasn't received an official UK SKU to date- Digital Jesters are advertising the original and add-on together at its online shop so that's expected to filter out to retailers soon and become the default version to buy.

Trackmania Sunrise is expected to retain its highly specification friendly system requirements on the PC (and let newer computers run it more quickly) but add new cars and two new game modes, Platform and Crazy. In short, what the fans have now will be, much like the cars in real life, tweaked to within an inch of breaking point and refined and polished until you can see your face in the hood. There's no official release date although have Sunrise slated for the end of October 2004.

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